Top Priority: The Terror Within – World Premiere


National Security Whistleblower Anthony Shaffer:

As most of you know I had the honor of attending, this past week, the premiere of Top Priority – the story of Julia Davis and her husband BJ Davis endure the full wrath of the federal government – simply because Julia did her job. Yeah – I know for most of you who have not been a whistleblower or had to deal with government wrongdoing it is always hard to accept – but here Julia was targeted by the senior leadership of Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) simply for following procedures given her and notifying the DC Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) of a breach of security at our southwest border…for this act she was persecuted – she and her husband BJ charged with false felony charges – endured a raid on their residence which resulted in the death of Julia’s father – and because of the government’s desperation, federal officers likely had a role in the death of BJ and Julia’s friend – Brittney Murphy…Until it happens to you (and yeah – I’ve been thru the grinder – and in many ways still am) it is hard to believe officers who take the Oath of Office can behave in illegal and unconstitutional ways – but they do…I honestly wonder how they sleep at night…

I HIGHLY recommend you see Top Priority when it hit general or limited release (you can monitor her on my FB page for when it does) – it is not only shocking due to the facts, it is a well made movie that grabs the viewer (and – no – I am NOT just saying this because BJ and Julia are friends) – this is an outstanding movie – one that exceeds every other modern documentary I’ve seen.

One last note – we should all be grateful for Julia and BJ – for having had the courage to endure the painful turn of events where the government of our nation not only turned its back on them – it did everything it could to destroy them – and still, they have been able to tell their story – to expose the wrongdoing of the federal bureaucratic for what it is…they are true patriots, and I am proud to call them friends.

Emmy Award winner Leslie Dutton of the Full Disclosure Network:

“BJ and Julia: That was quite an experience for us to attend your Premier. Especially since we are in the final stages of completing our own Documentary on Court Corruption which includes Gibson Dunn and Crutcher’s role in defending the corrupt judges in California. Most unique about the evening was the how the message will get back to Robert Bonner and Gibson Dunn and Crutcher. It is nothing short of a miracle that you got those favorable court decisions. I admire your tenacity and courage to expose what happened. Your movie will have great impact, because it will encourage others to fight against the evil forces inside our government, which is unquestionably a Patriotic endeavor. As Edmund Burke once said……”Evil will triumph when good men do nothing”

CIA Whistleblower Alan Premel:

I had the pleasure to review the documentary ‘Top Priority, the Terror Within’ last Wednesday at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, home of the Academy Awards (Oscars). The retaliatory undertones ring loud and clear in Top Priority – Silence, Discredit and Destroy. After watching this well written and equally well directed docu-movie you will agree that no one understands the misfortune of being silenced, discredited and destroyed as well as Julia Davis.Directed by rising star Asif Akbar, Top Priority reserves no punches as it bravely tells the untold and unbelievable real-life story of National Security Whistleblower Julia Davis who once served our country as a customs and border patrol agent under the guise of the department of homeland security. Davis’ reward for drawing the attention and shedding light on a real-life breach of national security was to be arrested, discredited and branded a domestic terrorist by DHS.

They say real life is stranger than fiction and if that mantra holds true than you will be left saying “You cannot make this stuff up”, as what seems so wildly unbelievable, farfetched and exaggerated is shown and proved to be a reality. The amount of government wrongdoing, oppression and discrediting will leave you shocked and dismayed. Such brutal law enforcement tactics and retaliation would have been expected from a 1930′s pre-FBI and prohibition era law enforcement and not the system of checks & balances and oversight we have today in 2012. There is no shortage of intrique in Top Priority, when the plot thickens a young hollywood star dies, Julia Davis is the target of 56 unlawful investigations, there are more suspicious and untimely deaths. By the time you would imagine the story is ending the mafia gets involved and the story, again, bravely charges on. At every twist and turn during the feature you will find yourself shaking your head in dismay at the overwhelming evidence presented by first hand audio and video interviews.

The highlight comes when government officials lie on tape about actions, orders and their knowledge of wrongdoing which are presented and exposed. At this turning point during the premiere, the audience, now in Julia Davis’ corner all collectively jeered and laughed as official government documents are being shown side by side blatant lying testimony. It’s shock and awe at its best and it gives an outsider a glimpse into how lethal the case was. The case was lethal because of its venom and Director Asif Akbar and legendary hollywood stuntman BJ Davis, husband of Julia Davis were both masterful in the presentation and execution of this highly controversial case. Top Priority is a blitzkrieg of truth and vindication that continuously pummels and humiliates DHS for 95 minutes.

As the screen fades to black, the pants of DHS are squarely around their ankles. the Davis’ leaving them in a compromising position with zero wiggle room to defend themselves. Just as the ending credits start to roll my friend on my left says “OMG!” and my cousin on my right exclaims, “Wow!” This was followed by an erruption of thunderous applause and a standing ovation. Top Priority accomplishes what every movie strives to do and that is to stir emotion in each viewer. You leave Top Priority with an overwhelming and profound sense of emotion that is hard to explain. On one side of the token you feel the fear for the outcomes which were inflicted on someone in real life. While on the other side, you have this deep sense of sadness for those who died suddenly and unexpectantly from the irresponsible buckshot and mishandling of the case on the government’s end.

And in the end, you are presented with the saddest fact of all, that the entire time there never was a warrant issued for Julia Davis and each and every arrest and attack was unwrranted. The laundry list of crimes and violations presented were not done by a whistleblower but were done at the hands of a government agency who’s sole purpose is to protect each and every one of us. Top Priority was the first documentary ever allowed to premiere at the academy for its opening debut and it was fitting because if the ballots went out today, Top Priority would be bringing home an Oscar for best documentary.

My only real advice for watching ‘Top Priority, the Terror Within’ is to bring a pillow because your back will hurt from sitting at the edge of your seat! I give ‘Top Priority, the Terror Within’ 9.5 out of 10 popcorns.

David Worth / Silver Screen International

BJ & Julia,
Congratulations on the great review! What a horror to live through…

The general public doesn’t realize the dark forces at work behind our political system…

Every year I try to watch Oliver Stone’s JFK to remember how the Military Industrial Complex, the CIA, the Secret Service and most likely the Mafia conspired in a political coup and assassinated the
most forward thinking president in our history…

Not to mention the Lobbiest writing our laws to benefit their corrupt corporations, The war criminals Bush / Cheney’s not bid contracts so that their cronies could get rich on durring the “WMD” war…The corporate slime running Wall Street, making billions in profits every quarter, millions for themselves and ruining the rest of the economy and the now non existant middle class …

On and on and on… Unfortunately the public is focussed on who’s going to win NASCAR, NBA, or American Idol to look at what’s happening…

Keep up the great work…