September Morn

From the producer of award winning films, "Ali", Jerry McGuire", "As Good As It Gets" and the staggering documentary showcasing government cover-ups, "Top Priority: The Terror Within". The award winning docu-drama, frame by frame irrefutable fact, with the same tempo and passion of "Twelve Angry Men" comes alive in this venue of discerning facts from fiction in America's second Pearl Harbor, a day of infamy in 2001 that is a daily living reminder of a national tragedy. Those stunning events still echo today, living in the shadows of the new World Trade Center in 2013. Those stunning events still echo today, living in the shadows of the new World Trade Center in 2013 that had earlier beginnings with the infamous “Blind Sheik” Abdel-Rahman’s attempt to destroy the World Trade Center. An open look at world events and history invites debate and clear review of all facts and information clouded by government intervention. Recent revelations of NSA constitutional violations, IRS retaliation against whistleblowers, their families expose the unprecedented way political advocacy is targeted, aided and abetted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, state, county and city , law enforcement. The nation is witnessing retaliation against Edward Snowden and the death of Brittany Murphy, who died unexpectedly after being named as a star witness in the case of a national security whistleblower, Julia Davis. Central Intelligence agents and contractors, Able Danger with red flag information, the story showcases real life heroes and lost loved ones who demand answers about the government: what did they know and when did they know it? A segment of American society is working to ensure government accountability. Mainstream media refuses to highlight the process, while the victims and families are led to believe that there is nothing more to be uncovered. September Morn exposes government plants positioned as activists, only there to exploit the finances of the victims of 9/11 and to disrupt the 9/11 movement. A government informant is placed in the midst of the truther activists and was later exposed as a self-professed government plant and informant, positioned to exploit and immobilize the true 9/11 movement. From Washington DC to the steps of the Louisiana State capitol , Attorney General James Caldwell and Louisiana State Police Superintendent Michael D. Edmonson engage in whistleblower retaliation to suppress any investigation, while denying closure to the families of the 9/11 victims. In the Michael Moore tradition, elected officials and those benefiting corporate and individually are being exposed in "September Morn", as their dirty deeds are brought forward, one by one, much as the World Trade Center was rebuilt, restoring the hearts and lives of those impacted by this day of infamy.
Genre: Drama
Status: Pre-Production